TOP 10 questions asked about ESCAPE ROOM

Escape room Question 1: Are you locked in the escape room?

No, you won’t be locked in the room and can leave at any time. Usually, escape rooms are equipped with surveillance and the administrator can immediately be informed if something goes wrong and you need to go out or urgent assistance.  However, we encourage asking for help from your team members and try to solve all the puzzles till the end.

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Escape room Question 2. Are your escape room facilities scary, Are there any jump scares?

Actually, our escape rooms are more tricky and puzzle-like, you need to use your brain and think about ideas to find a way out rather than run away from something scary. Challenge your creative thinking and team playing to find our brilliant way to escape in 60 minutes.

Escape room Question 3. What skills do I need to play an escape game?

You will be playing in a team, so it is essential to understand each other, listen and communicate.   Also, you have only 60 minutes which means that time management skills are necessary to use your time properly and to plan how much time you need for the next steps. Not all puzzles will be solved quickly, sometimes it is needed just to stop and think calmly and carefully, so you need to be patient enough and control yourself.    Of course, creative thinking, courage, and a keen eye would be a great plus.

Escape room Question 4. Can I visit the escape room if I have claustrophobia and panic attacks?

The escape room is a place for playing, you aren’t really locked in the room and in case of an emergency, you can contact the administrator and leave out.  In some rooms it may be dark, so you need to think whether it would be convenient for you to stay there. Buy anyway you will be playing in a team and we hope that enjoying the escape game helps you to overcome any inconvenience you may experience.

Escape room Question 5. Is there a dress code for an escape room? What should I wear for the escape game?

You will be playing in the rooms with different objects, and sometimes games may require movements, so you should wear something comfortable. The best idea is to bring changing clothes with you. It is advised to avoid jewelry or anything that may harm you or your team members in the dark environment.

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Escape room Question 6. What should I bring to the escape room?

Avoid bringing extra belongings. It is prohibited to bring food and alcohol and you need to sign a waiver while booking our facilities. You may bring changing clothes and use our lockers for your phone and other personal belongings. Rooms are equipped with surveillance and you may leave and ask for help at any time, so you won’t need your phone.

Escape room Question 7. What puzzles are in the escape room?

The escape room is an immersive environment with a combination of different puzzles, which may include room design itself, numbers and text puzzles, which may require basic math skills and logical thinking, light and sound, and hidden objects.

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Escape room Question 8. What happens if I fail to escape?

No worry, after the end of the game our staff will help you find a way out. You may challenge another time again and succeed in escaping in 60 minutes.

Escape room Question 9. Is there any age restriction for the escape game?

In the case of children under 16 years it is recommended that adults accompany them. Escape room requires understanding rules and logical thinking, and the best is for 10+ visitors.

Escape room Question 10. Are phones allowed in an escape room?

No, you can’t use your phone. You may use our lockers to leave it for the time you are playing. Our rooms are equipped with surveillance and in case of an emergency, you may leave and ask our staff for help.